Aluminum Welding

An affordable Portland area small-job aluminum welding company. TIG is the only process I use for aluminum welding. Call 503-490-6471 or email to schedule an appointment for aluminum welding in Portland. There are few Portland area welding shops happy to work on small jobs but I am.

TIG (tungsten inert gas) Aluminum Welding

I offer TIG aluminum welding for round and square tubing, flat bar and sheet. Material thickness from 18 guage to 1/4″. I also offer bandsaw cutting and aluminum welding to get your project from design to finished and usable. Great rates and fast turnaround times.

A specialty fishing product that I offer is boat rod holder.

Aluminum welding.

Aluminum Welding

Metal preparation, prior to welding aluminum with the TIG process, requires a clean metal surface free of oxidation, paint, grease / oils or anything else. I first chemically clean then wire brush before welding. Any aluminum alloys exposed to salt water are especially problematic and likely to produce a contaminated weld with porosity. TIG welding salt water contaminated aluminum requires a good cleaning and I know how to do that properly.

Aluminum Melting Point & Cleanliness

Aluminum melts at 1221 degrees fahrenheit but aluminum oxide (the aluminum version of ‘rust’) melts at 3762 degrees fahrenheit and that’s a difference of 2541 degrees. We really only want to melt the aluminum but to get through to it we have to (if not clean because it’s contaminated beyond cleaning like after salt water corrosion) melt the aluminum oxide in order to TIG weld aluminum. Cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning then no contact with bare oily hands. That difference in melting temperature is why AL can be so problematic to TIG weld. With proper cleaning of the metal prior to TIG welding we avoid two unwanted situations:
1) aluminum oxide contaminated welds
2) introducing excessive heat into the piece to melt the oxide

Cast Aluminum

Cast aluminum transmission case tig welding repair.

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Aluminum and stainless steel TIG welding service in Portland, Oregon.