Cast Aluminum Boat Motor Repair

I repair broken cast aluminum boat motor skegs and anti-ventilation (anti-cavitation) plates. The anti-cavitation plate is the horizontal ‘wing’ above the prop and the skeg is the ‘shark fin’ at the bottom of the motor that protects the propeller. Call 503-490-6471 or email for bent skeg repair.

Aluminum boat welding

A specialty fishing product that I offer is boat rod holder.

Cast aluminum Honda outboard motor anti-cavitation plate repaired with TIG welding. Cast aluminum TIG welding boat motor repair job

In the cast aluminum skeg repair below the owner wanted to experiment with different angles for the bottom of the skeg otherwise I would have cut it down to the proper angle. After custom cutting a piece of 6061 aluminum and pre-shaping it I tacked it in and welded some then used a flap disk to arrive at the final shape then welded it completely from both sides. The repair has 100% penetration so it’s quite strong.
Cast aluminum outboard motor skeg repaired using the TIG welding process. Tig welding is the best process for repairing a cast aluminum boat motor skeg. This customer wanted to do the shaping of the skeg.
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