Performance Car & Motorcycle TIG Welding

PDX TIG Welding offers performance car and motorcycle TIG welding of aluminum. TIG welding of intercoolers, custom stainless exhaust, or aluminum radiators. You bring an idea, drawing, or pre-fabricated pieces and I’ll TIG weld it for you. Aluminum, stainless and of course mild steel welding. Tubing, round or square in aluminum, stainless or mild, is no problem. Prototype / prototyping and ‘one off’ TIG welding service. Import racers TIG welding solutions. Call 503-490-6471 or email.


Modified Corksport Mazda radiator. Our customer made the pieces, did an excellent job, and I TIG welded it for him. All of the welded surfaces were wire brushed and cleaned with acetone. The cast pieces welded nicely in spite of commonly having contamination associated with a radiator and anti-freeze. A thorough cleaning did the trick.

Modified intercooler (unknown manufacturer). Again, my customer made the pieces (excellent work) and I TIG welded it. There were a lot of pieces and it was tricky getting the tack welds and fit-up just right.


Compressor housing modifications, air cleaners, boost bracing, and charge piping. Custom turbo exhausts and intercooler fabrication.

Mazda, Subaru, WRX, Lancer, Miata, BMW, Honda, Scion, and Mitsubishi oil coolers, intercooler, and aluminum radiator repair.

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Aluminum and stainless steel TIG welding service in Portland, Oregon.