BMW motorcycle Side stand shorten – fall over – tip overs

BMW motorcycle side stand length reduction to prevent tip over ( fall over).

The BMW motorcycle side stand (kick stand) fall over issue can be fixed by cutting / removing 1″ from the stands height to correct the angle when parked. Before cutting and welding I precisely align the foot and stand (shaft) then TIG weld the shortened side stand. A large Oregon BMW dealer has requested a number of the side stands to be modified and we do it in this manner and customers are happy.

I am proud to say that a number of these BMW motorcycle side stand modifications have been for local Police departments and I am happy to help those law enforcement folks that serve us.

  • R1200 (R1200)
  • R1200GS (R1200 GS
  • R1200RS (R1200 RS)
  • R1250GS (R1250 GS)
  • R 1200RT-P (R1200 RT-P)
  • R900RT-P (R900 RT-P)

Side stand models:
46 53 8 414 450
46 53 8 414 452

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