Welding Outsource – TIG

I provide an affordable welding outsource alternative to small and medium-sized companies wanting to reduce the high costs associated with in-house TIG welding. You get precision aluminum, stainless TIG welding at a lower and fixed cost. For contractor, contract employee, or sub-contractor TIG welding outsource services call Johann 503-490-6471 or email to discuss your needs.

Located in Beaverton, Or, a suburb of Portland, Oregon, I work from my well-equipped TIG welding shop where I offer excellent pricing and same day welding in many cases. When you call I answer the phone and you will only ever speak with me, the person actually doing the work. Phone 503-490-6471, email and text are all effective.

Welding Outsource

Guaranteed short lead times and fast turnaround with predictable and consistent results. I TIG (tungsten inert gas) weld to your standards and get the job done on-time. Pay options include 1099, hourly, piece rate or part-time employee.

Advantages to U.S. based welding outsource

1) Avoid the expense of purchasing or leasing additional TIG welding equipment.
2) Plan your business with fixed cost TIG welding.
3) Reduced labor costs.
4) Reduced equipment maintenance costs.
5) More stable production workloads.
6) Fewer ‘hire then fire’ cycles.

I offer welding outsource, TIG welding outsource, welding contractor, and welding sub-contractor service solutions located in Portland, Oregon.

Disadvantages to overseas welding outsourcing

Hire an affordable U.S. TIG welding outsource worker and avoid the many hassles of sending your welding work overseas.

  • loss of production expertise
  • loss of intellectual property
  • aiding potential competitors
  • increasing the number of competitors

I am a contractor, contract employee, and sub-contractor TIG welding company located in Portland, Oregon. Call Johann 503-490-6471 or email to discuss your welding outsource needs.

I offer a 1099 based contract TIG welding service in Portland, Oregon. Aluminum, mild and stainless steel TIG welding services. Temporary worker welding service.

Piece rate or hourly 1099 compensation.

Aluminum bar, tube and sheet from .050″ up 1/4″.
Mild bar, tube and sheet from 18 gauge up 5/16″.
Stainless bar, tube and sheet from 18 gauge up to 5/16′.
Call Johann at 503-490-6471

Aluminum and stainless steel TIG welding service in Portland, Oregon.